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  1. I’ve been attending Adeline’s classes for a few years now since having my first baby. Although I struggled a great deal at the beginning, I feel my core strength has improved hugely in recent months. Adeline supported me through any difficulties I’ve had, adjusting exercises to suit my need at any given time. I seem to be making progress lately thankfully. I would strongly recommend this class to anyone looking for a reliable and effective Pilates class.

  2. Attending Pilates with Adeline for a number of years with good reason, I have benefited from the work outs and feel it has assisted my mobility as I had lower back pain and couldn’t do long walks or stand for any length of time. The Pilates did more than consistent physio sessions. I learnt how to breathe more effectively and reduce strain on neck and shoulders. MD

  3. I have attended Adelaine’s classes for a number of years, her classes are fun, varied, challenging and perfect for my bad back. The classes are updated regularly, Adelaine’s attention to detail is incredible, she checks all her clients constantly and adjusts the exercises so you get the best from each class, you get one to one attention in a group class. Adelaine’s classes are the only Pilates I would recommend to anyone.

  4. I have been attending Adeline’s classes since 2008 and from day one found them beneficial and very enjoyable. Adeline is a wonderful instructor, and she keeps the classes interesting by continually introducing new and varied exercises. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to improve flexibility, balance and general wellbeing.

  5. I have been attending the Pilates class for the last few years and I find them very enjoyable. The classes are great for improving my core strength, balance and general health. I find the classes interesting and varied and I would recommend them to anyone interested in doing Pilates.

  6. I have been attending Adeline’s pilates classes for several years now. This class is a key part of my weekly health and fitness routine, and is the perfect complement to my running schedule. I love the combination of stretchy and fast classes – the stretching is always welcome and really helps kickstart my stretching routine. The fast classes are tough, but in a good way! She keeps the classes fresh with new exercises, and is always available to advise you on a particular exercise or how to modify an exercise when you are injured. I would highly recommend Adeline and her pilates classes.

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