Reviews about the Pregnancy Pilates and Hydro Classes

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  1. I have been attending Adeline’s classes since 2008 and from day one found them beneficial and very enjoyable. Adeline is a wonderful instructor, and she keeps the classes interesting by continually introducing new and varied exercises. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to improve flexibility, balance and general wellbeing.

  2. I have been attending the Pilates class for the last few years and I find them very enjoyable. The classes are great for improving my core strength, balance and general health. I find the classes interesting and varied and I would recommend them to anyone interested in doing Pilates.

  3. I have been attending Adeline’s pilates classes for several years now. This class is a key part of my weekly health and fitness routine, and is the perfect complement to my running schedule. I love the combination of stretchy and fast classes – the stretching is always welcome and really helps kickstart my stretching routine. The fast classes are tough, but in a good way! She keeps the classes fresh with new exercises, and is always available to advise you on a particular exercise or how to modify an exercise when you are injured. I would highly recommend Adeline and her pilates classes.

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