All Beginner classes incorporate Mat, Gymball , Core, Stretching and Aerobic type Exercises.

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Classes run for 6-10 weeks, last 40-55 minutes and cost €100 per person. (duration depends on class)

Free to repeat beginner Pilates if you have attended Baby Massage with me within the past 6 months, If you are attending another practitioner (Physio, GP, Osteopath etc) for an ongoing issue, please discuss attending the class with them and mention that you will be involved in stretching and gym ball exercises along with your mat based Pilates exercises. It is most important that you discuss this with the practitioner that knows your ongoing issues.

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Baby friendly beginners class is suitable for postnatal mums and dads: you can bring your newborn baby and toddlers (certain rules apply to toddlers attending the class) with you to this class. This class runs at the same pace and covers the same content as a standard beginners class but has a different emphasis on postnatal issues (pre-booking required as with all classes) and exercises are modified for the postnatal mum. You can also join this class if you don’t wish to bring a baby with you or if you don’t have a baby. At present this is the only standard class that you can bring your newborn to. Dads are welcome to attend this class with their baby also. Normally those attending the Baby friendly classes go for coffee after the class so you will get to meet the other parents that are also attending. For information regarding repeating a beginners Pilates class for free please click here.

Click this link to read the Irish Independent article Exercise in Pregnancy. Click this link to see article written for the Irish Examiner Moving into Motherhood. Click on this link to see another article in the Irish Examiner Handle with care.

All beginners attend a 1-2-1 appointment during which they are screened and taught some of the basic principles of Pilates on an individual basis by Adeline before their class starts (no additional charge).