• If you (mum) has attended the baby massage series with Adeline, dad and baby can attend a a dads only baby massage class that is held every month or two on either a Saturday or Sunday morning.
  • We usually cover the legs and tummy massage (Incl special tummy massage) and the gentle movements. The rest of the class is spent discussing several topics relevant to the dads in the class.
  • There is usually no shortage of chat with a minimum of 5 dads in the room so no dad should be worried about that side of the class. Its a lovely class for dads to attend and the atmosphere is very relaxed and open like the weekly baby massage classes.
  • Mums are not permitted into the class, If baby needs a breast feed during the class, this is facilitated in a separate room so that the dads class is not interrupted by a female presence (other than me of course!. 🙂
  • Class lasts about 2 hours and usually the dads go for lunch after this class if they can, this is also a very enjoyable part of the class for the dads.
  • Info about this class will be sent by text to the person (usually the mum) who has attended the baby massage class, mums who attended will be sent the booking link and password to book.
  • Class is held in Celbridge. Cost is €25 to attend, payable in advance. I need 5 dads to run the class, specifically to facilitate open discussion and chat between the dads.
  • Currently ONLY dads of babies that attended baby massage with me can attend.


  1. I couldn’t recommend the Dad’s Only Course highly enough.
    I regularly use some of the massages.
    I also found it great as a general parenting class. I learnt invaluable tips about settling and interacting with my baby.
    It should be obligatory for new dads!

  2. I attended the dad’s only baby massage class recently. I found it to be really informative, welcoming & a great way to get to know other dads. Adeline is easy to talk to & extremely knowledgeable. I’d highly recommend it for other dads!

  3. I attended the Dads baby massage class a number of weeks ago. I really enjoyed it.
    It was great to meet up with and chat to the other ‘Newbie’ dads – shared learnings & insights. Adeline is excellent and makes you feel very welcome. I would highly recommend the class.

  4. An excellent morning for me as a new dad. Really enjoyed the time afforded for the one to one massage activities with our daughter in a relaxed atmosphere. Also good to know that many of my uncertainties and questions are shared by the other dads in the group. Adeline was full of really useful knowledge and offered it in an informal and unobtrusive fashion while facilitating group discussion. A very enjoyable morning which I would readily go to again.

  5. It’s brilliant that this class now exists. My hubby took the normal baby massage class here as the stay at home parent a few years ago and I know he felt as if he was intruding on a women’s only club. He didn’t get invited to any of the after class meets etc. No fault of Adeline’s and Dad and baby highly enjoyed the sessions but fab that the Dads now have a chance to get together.

  6. I cannot recommend this Dads only class enough. Not only because I got a Saturday morning to myself, and as I’m breast feeding these breaks are wonderful but most importantly my partner got to benefit from Adeline’s endless knowledge and unbiased advice on babies and spend 1 on 1 time with our son. Adeline is just fantastic with parents and their babies. The topics covered in the chat after the massage included sleep, routines, tummy time, similiar to the mum and baby classes which definitely help to put mum and dad on the same page. Our son was so relaxed that evening, causing my partner to think he’s some sort of male Mary Poppins but I’m ok with that All dads should give this ago at least once!

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