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What we cover in each class:  Each class is broken into 2 parts: 1 hour massage and 1 hour discussion

Week 1 Legs and Feet

Gentle Movements

Communicating with baby
Week 2 Tummy +

Special tummy massage

Tummy, feeding and Digestion issues


Week 3 Chest



Sleeping and napping

95% of the massage is finished so the next 2 weeks is mainly revision

Week 4 Arms


Development: what you do now and how it impacts on writing, running, driving, sports etc

Over stimulation

Week 5 Revision


General discussion.

Review of previous weeks discussion topics



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  1. I completed the baby massage class this summer and can genuinely say that it was lovely experience. Not only did I learn a new skill in massaging baby- which my little man loved- but also learned so much from other mothers based on their experiences with a new arrival in the household. Adeline is a natural teacher and provides an informal and friendly environment for mothers to share their views- while also providing the tea/coffees and obligatory chocolate bars!

  2. The baby massage class us the best thing I did for myself after having my baby. I learned do much in the class from massaging my baby to all the hints and tips from the discussion after. This is my second time to do baby massage with Adeline and i have recommended it to so many people. It is so enjoyable.

  3. I recently attended the Baby massage classes with my baby boy. I would highly recommend the classes to new mums. It’s a great way to meet other mamas whilst learning a host of massage skills for your new baby. Adeline has a wealth of knowledge for all things baby related and provides a flexible relaxed environment to learn baby massage.

  4. I started the baby massage classes when my baby was 5 and 1/2 weeks old. I really enjoyed the classes. They were so well organized and focused each week. I loved learning how to do the baby massage and my little girl responded really well to it and I’m still using it months later. I also thought the coffee and chat after the class was so helpful as a first time mother. I learned loads from it and got great tips from Adeline and the other mothers in the class about sleep, feeding, development etc. I would highly recommend this class.

  5. I attended the baby massage classes as My little man was having trouble with wind. I learned lots of techniques which not only helped to release wind but helped my baby to relax. From a first time mothers perspective it was fantastic as I got to meet other mothers and made some great friends. Adeline creates a very relaxed atmosphere and has a vast knowledge of all things baby related. I really enjoyed the classes and would highly recommend it to all first time mothers.

  6. On the recommendation of my sister I recently attended the baby massage class when my little boy was only a few weeks old.
    My little boy thoroughly enjoys his massages. In the beginning he had some problems with his tummy which the massage really helped while his digestive system developed and now he is just enjoying the massage for relaxation purposes. I find massage is such a lovely way to bond with my baby.

    This however is only the beginning of the benefits of Adeline’s baby massage class.

    The way in which the class is structured is lovely. Adeline begins by teaching the massage techniques. This is followed with a cup of tea and biscuits and wonderfully informative discussions about everything baby related. Adeline provides a wealth of knowledge and reading material online also so when baby brain rears its ugly head you have a way to recap on the information discussed in class.

    Best of all, for me anyway, was that Adeline had us set up a supportive whatsapp group and encouraged us to go for lunch after the class. Our group continues to meet weekly for lunch, walks, nights out etc.

    I found Adeline to be thouroughly professional, but more than this, her class was so supportive, fun and relaxing. Joining her class was the best thing I could have done for myself and my baby abd I would highly recommend it (and have to a few people already) to anyone.

  7. I did baby massage with Adeline when my little girl was 3 weeks old – I’m a first time mum & wanted to get out of the house & do something nice with my baby…..little did I know how much it would benefit us both – I met other mammies in the same boat & made really lovely friends, my baby loves our little massage routine & Adeline provides a great open class with lots of baby discussion & topics – I couldn’t recommend the class highly enough!!

  8. Adeline’s baby massage classes are excellent. I would highly recommend any mam to do it. I did it when my little boy was 2 months old and we both loved it. Massage is a lovely thing to do with your baby. The massage techniques are taught in a fun and relaxed way, for the first half of the class. The second half of the class is a discussion (with a cup of tea!) about everything baby related e.g. sleep, learning and development, over stimulation. I learnt a lot during these discussions. There is always lunch afterwards if you can make it. It is an excellent support group and Adeline always encourages this. I met some lovely mams in the area and we continue to meet up.

  9. The baby massage classes with Adeline were the best thing I could do as a new mam. It was a brilliant thing to look forward to on a Monday. Learnt great massage techniques and a great way of bonding with my baby. But also learnt so much in the discussion part of the class and it was so lovely to get a hot cup of tea handed to you! Have made a new set of friends through this also. Would throughly recommend this course to anyone.

  10. Brought my 10 day old baby to the class,
    Was great to learn the massage techniques
    Especially for sleep and tummy problems
    Overall massage is only half the time
    Rest which I found most useful was
    Discussion on all things baby related
    And meeting new moms, Nearly 5
    Months later and we still meet every Wednesday. One of the best things I did for myself and the baby

  11. Did baby massage when my little man was 4 months old. Was a bit anxious before the first class but that was soon squashed when I got down there… was so sad when the 6 weeks ended. They were fantastic classes both for my little man and for me, connecting up with women who were also in the same boat as myself, being a first time Mam!!! Adeline is amazing, the massage and general baby tips I picked up have really helped me along the way! Would highly recommend this class to anyone who wanted to do something special with their little ones!!

  12. Hi there, I have a 3 week old baby girl and looking to start baby massage class in Celbridge if possible… could you let me know when there’s a new class starting and if/when you’d have space for us?

    1. Hi Maeve
      There is a class due to start Monday 12/June in celbridge @ 12 noon. If interested just send me a text and I’ll book you in. Adeline

  13. Hi there

    Would there be any spaces left for the Maynooth massage classes?

    1. Hi Laura.
      There is a class due to start next Thursday @10.30 if that would suit? My mobile is(087) 211 5150, adeline

  14. Baby massage is an absolute must for all new parents. I think it should be renamed and made compulsory after one has a baby. It’s a public service. Adeline is amazing xx

  15. Hi Olivia, just wondering if there is any classes in Enfield at the moment? If not, I’m happy to travel for a class. Could you let me know the schedules and availability.

    1. Hi Michelle
      I don’t run classes in Enfield. In Celbridge classes are on Monday @12 and in Maynooth classes are on Thursday at 10/1030. If you are interested in either of these classes please send me your details or complete and then you will get a text when classes are starting. Adeline

  16. Hi Adeline, Just wondering if the baby massage class is happening in maynooth currently?thanks,

    1. Hi Olivia, Yes there is a class starting tomorrow @10.30 and another class next Wednesday @11. There is 1 space left in both classes.adeline

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