Ante-natal Pilates and Education classes run on Monday evenings at 4.15 and 6.15 and are led by Adeline who is a Chartered and CORU registered physiotherapist with a special interest in Pregnancy/Women’s Health Physiotherapy.

Please click on the antenatal form for further details on what the class times are (there are several options) and also to register your interest in joining the class. No information can be given about availability or start dates until this form is completed. There are no start dates for these classes, it is a rolling programme with availability primarily governed by current mums’ expected dute date’s (EDD).

Once this form is completed you will be automatically sent and information email with in-depth details about the class and a medical assessment form that you need to complete in advance of booking in with Adeline, once this form is received, Adeline will call to review forms,  arrange a start date and payment.

Cost: €100 for 8 consecutive classes excluding bank holidays, missed classes are not refundable nor transferable. Further info about your class is available here.

Please note that these classes are exercise based and although several aspects of pregnancy, delivery and postnatal care will be discussed, they are not intended to be a replacement for the Hospital based Physiotherapy and Midwifery based education classes.

To read what others thing about the classes see below.

Contraindications to exercise in Pregnancy list is below.

Guidelines from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecology Exercise in Pregnancy.

Click this link to read the Irish Independent article Exercise in Pregnancy.

Click this link to see article written for the Irish Examiner Moving into Motherhood.

Click on this link to see another article in the Irish Examiner Handle with care.


  1. I really enjoyed Adeline’s ante-natal pilates class and would definitely recommend to any mum-to-be. As a first time mum, I learned so much in this class. I found the discussions an invaluable source of information with practical tips and a great source of support throughout my pregnancy. The pool class is lovely and I looked forward to it every week.

  2. I went to the class before I had my 3rd baby but I wish I had also gone for the first two. Covered so many aspects of labour and pregnancy in a very open and informative way. I’ve also done the baby massage class which helped to get me out of the house in the first few weeks.

  3. Absolutely love this class, such good prep for mothers to be. Being a first time man, my knowledge of what was ahead was fairly limited but through Adeline’s guidance and stories from other women Who attended the class previously I’ve learned so much. Feeling much more comfortable with the journey ahead. Stretching and pool time are also well needed throughout the week! Wonderful class.

  4. Really useful and informative classes. A great way to meet other new mothers and prepare for labour and birth.

  5. Adeline is very knowledgeable and helpful. The classses have been really useful and a great way to connect with other new mothers. I have learnt how to safely perform exercises and have had relief from minor back pain and discomfort. Would definitely recommend this class to others

  6. A wonderful experience through the pregnancy journey, not only looking after your physical well being but great insight and knowledge to be learnt from Adeline and the other women in class sharing their stories. I always look forward to my Monday evening stretch and leave feeling great and learn something new every week. I couldn’t recommend Adeline’s classes more, a real must for any mama to be!

  7. I started the pregnancy pilates classes at 2o weeks and find them excellent. Both the land and pool classes provide a gentle but effective workout and stretch. Each class also includes a pregnancy talk that I find extremely useful : it is a nice way of getting necessary knowledge through pregnancy (especially when your antenatal classes are only at a later stage).

  8. Really enjoy Adeline’s pregnancy pilates classes. The pool classes are really enjoyable and the pool is lovely and warm and you can get a great stretch. The land classes have also great stretches that you can also do at home. The discussions are done in a very open environment and its great to hear different viewpoints from other mums experiences. I always leave the classes feeling refreshed and get a great nights sleep also. Would definitely recommend to other mums to be.

  9. I really enjoy the antenatal Pilates classes with Adeline. Alternating between pool and land classes is really enjoyable and not only is it good for body but mind also with the helpful and informative talks. Would highly recommend.

  10. I attend the antenatal pilates and hydro classes and really enjoy them. There is a strong focus on preparation for labour which I find very useful. I also think that they are good value.

  11. Brilliant classes with a lot of useful information.

  12. Have recently started the antenatal classes with Adeline and they are really great. Not only do you feel you’re really getting a good stretch for your whole body, the discussion before and during the class are so practical and helpful. Couldn’t recommend Adeline or her classes more.

  13. Pilates every week is fantastic, it keeps me limber and enables me to practice the exercises on my own at home. Every other week the pool is so comforting and warming and really helps stretch and work out any aches and pains! Most of all the discussion at the end of each session is invaluable, I have learned so much about the journey of pregnancy, pain relief, body changes, what to expect and how to approach labour. Adeline has created a very friendly, open environment where no question is left unanswered!

  14. I really enjoy the antenatal classes. I especially find the pool class very good for getting some relief from SPD. The talks during the pool class and after the land class are very informative and beneficial for me as a first time mammy. I’d highly recommend this class.

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