Ante-natal classes run on Monday evenings and are led by Adeline who has a special interest in Pregnancy/Women’s Health Physiotherapy after working in a Dublin based Maternity Hospital.

Please click on the antenatal form for further details on what the class times are (there are several options) and also to register your interest in joining the class. The classes alternate each week between a land based Pilates/Exercise class and a Water/Aqua natal class. No information can be given about availability and possible start dates until this form is completed.

Cost: €95 for 10 consecutive classes, missed classes are not refundable nor transferable.

Please fill in the antenatal form which is also under the contact Adeline tab if you would like to attend the class and I will phone you to arrange a start date. No information can be given about availability until this form is completed.

Please note that these classes are exercise based and although several aspects of pregnancy, delivery and postnatal care will be discussed, they are not intended to be a replacement for the Hospital based Physiotherapy and Midwifery based education classes.


To read what others thing about the classes see below.

Guidelines from the American College of Obstreticians and Gynecology Exercise in Pregnancy

Click this link to read the Irish Independent article Exercise in Pregnancy.

Click this link to see article written for the Irish Examiner Moving into Motherhood.

Click on this link to see another article in the Irish Examiner Handle with care.


  1. I really enjoy the antenatal Pilates classes with Adeline. Alternating between pool and land classes is really enjoyable and not only is it good for body but mind also with the helpful and informative talks. Would highly recommend.

  2. Currently attending antenatal pilates class. Find the mixture of land and pool great, gentle stretches help ease out back pain as bump gets bigger! Really enjoy hearing everyone’s pregnancy stories. Adeline shares lots of tips and information about pregnancy and labour, learning more in the class than from my pile of books at home! Defo recommend the class 🙂

  3. This is my 3rd time attending Adeline’s antenatal pilates classes. I have always found them very helpful, keeping me somewhat stretchy during pregnancy! When to start depends on you, I like to as early as possible. Both land and pool classes are relatively easy early on but I still feel I’m doing some exercise. The pool I found particularly good when I had severe SPD, the warm water was a relief & I could do so much more than on land.

  4. Both the land and water classes are brilliant. I feel great afterwards. There are always talks on different aspects of pregnancy during the classes which I find very informative and helpful. It’s also nice to meet other women in the same situation and to hear their pregnancy stories. Overall I’d definitely recommend these classes and can’t imagine not doing them!

  5. I was quite active before I became pregnant but this went all the window in the first 12 weeks due to nausea. I then fall out of the routine but these classes appeared like a great way to get back into it and boy they didn’t disappoint. The mixture between pool and land is fantastic. You get to have a great stretch and it helps with any niggles that occur as the weight creeps up! The advice Adeline and the group provides during the classes is an added bonus I wasn’t expecting. If you are thinking about joining, do it. You won’t regret it.

  6. The classes are brilliant.
    Pool class was not what I expected, good factual chats while doing gentle water pilates.
    Land class is very good, and easy to get into even if you have never done pilates before.
    There is a class talk before each land class and its very beneficial.

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