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  1. I have been attending Adeline’s classes for 10 years and I still love my classes.Adeline continues to update and change her classes, keeping classes challenging and interesting.
    I always recommend Adeline to anyone interested in Pilates.

  2. Review No 2
    I’ve attended Adeline’s classes for over a decade and can honestly say that I have enjoyed and personally benefitted from each one. Her hands on approach and genuine concern for your wellbeing really appeals to me, as well as, constantly changing the format of classes so that you’re always doing something a little different and challenging. I would wholeheartedly recommend Adeline’s classes for anyone contemplating taking up Pilates.

  3. I have attended Adeline’s classes for over a decade and can honestly say that have immensely enjoyed and benefited from every single one – to the point that on the odd occasion when I might have to forgo a class or two (due to holidays etc.), I really miss it and look forward to joining back in again. Her hands on approach and personal touch, not to mention, offering classes at convenient times – which are tweaked from week to week – adding new exercises or variations – keeps things a little more challenging. I would highly recommend anyone contemplating Pilates to join Adeline’s classes.

  4. I’ve been attending Adeline’s classes for the last few years. During pregnancy and also post pregnancy. I’ve kept it up because I really enjoy it and feel the benefits of going each week. I really recommend her classes. They are always different so I never fet bored. The half price class every 3 terms us a great idea also.

  5. I have been attending these classes for years now and can’t recommend them enough if you have any sort of back or hip problems. Great classes with a level suitable for everyone.

  6. I have been attending Pilates for anumber of years now. The variety of the classes is very enjoyable especially the last group of classes. Looking forward to the next classes!

  7. I have been doing Pilates for several years now. I really enjoy the variety in the classes especially the new exercises in the last group of classes. Looking forward to starting the next group of classes

  8. I have been attending pilates classes for a few years. I really enjoyed the variety and the new exercises in the most recent group of lessons. looking forward to the next group

  9. This is coming up to my third year attending Adeline’s Pilates classes and couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Due to work commitment I have missed the last two classes and I really do feel it in my back so I know that attending the class weekly really strengthens both my core and lower back. I like the mix of both slow stretchy weeks and then faster paced more cardio focused weeks (even though the fast weeks kill me!)

  10. I’ve attended Pilates with Adeline and it’s been the best Pilates class, she explains everything thoroughly and Is very giving of her time, I’ve noticed a big improvement with my flexibility and core strength. Would highly recommend Adeline

  11. I’ve been attending Pilates classes with Adeline for years and can not recommend the class enough. I’ve noticed huge changes to my core strength over the years which was especially evident and helpful when I was pregnant and during post-pregnancy recovery.

  12. I have been going to Adeline’s pilates classes for many years. Adeline runs a great class never boring as she changes the routine often. In some classes we work with weights which I find keep my arms and legs strong. Other classes Adeline focuses on stretching I always feel good after these classes. Adeline also has introduced a few minutes of relaxation at the end of classes to chill out. I recommend Adeline’s classes certainly worth a try no matter what age.
    Patricia C

  13. I started prenatal Pilates with Adeline over 3 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. I loved the prenatal classes as I found them very informative and the pool classes are lovely, especially during summer.
    The class discussions are really helpful. They allow you to think about different aspects of pregnancy and labour and help you during the event too as a lot of stories and experiences are discussed.
    Adeline’s prenatal Pilates classes are much more than Pilates classes. They are a place where you learn so much about pregnancy and labour and also make new mammy friends.

  14. I started with the the baby friendly Pilates and now do the advanced Pilates classes with Adeline, I can’t recommend the classes highly enough, I wish I could have started sooner.
    The classes really helped my post natal recovery as well as improving my overall strength.
    As well as being an enjoyable group class, Adeline is really helpful with individual problems or questions.

  15. I found the Pilates class excellent. It moved at a nice slow easy pace gradually building up to a bit more of a workout. Adeline is great giving 1-1 support through the class and is very mindful of any injuries you may have. I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to any’s a nice social class too. Helen

  16. I have attended pregnancy Pilates, baby massage and baby-friendly Pilates with Adeline. The pregnancy Pilates was a great way to get some exercise and meet new mums-to-be. I learned more in these classes than I learnt in my antenatal hospital classes. The baby massage was also extremely informative along and enjoyable, I continue to use this massage on my little boy and he loves his massages. The baby-friendly Pilates is a great way to start getting back in shape after having a baby. I cannot recommend these classes highly enough.

  17. I have been attending Adeline’s pilates class for almost 3 years. I have always found it to be of huge benefit to me, as a form of exercise, as a means of regularly performing stretches of muscles I never would stretch by just walking as I was doing prior to this, as a motivation to integrate more movement into my daily life and as a source of education on how to keep my body healthy with little tips that are manageable in a busy day. I really recommend these classes particularly to busy Mams who don’t make enough time for themselves .

  18. Warm and friendly atmosphere .Would recommend Adeline Pilates classes

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