Class Schedule incl upcoming class dates

All classes must be pre-booked, at present drop-in classes are not available.

Please note that class times below are not the times for future classes, some of the class times below change every month.

All evening classes are for Adults only. Babies and children are very welcome in the daytime classes.

Class Calendar at present
Mon@9.30am: Baby/Child Friendly Advanced Pilates

Mon@10.30am: Baby/Child friendly Beginners Pilates Class

Mon@11.30: Baby Massage in Celbridge

Mon@5.15pm: Advanced Pilates

Mon@6.15pm: Beginners Pilates (Adult only)

Mon@7pm: Advanced Pilates

Mon@8pm: Advanced Pilates

Mon@9pm: Advanced Pilates

Tues@9.30am: Baby/Child Friendly Advanced Pilates

MS Hydro class: 10.30am-12noon:  Contact MS Ireland for information

Tues@12.30pm: Baby Friendly Beginners Pilates

Tues@5.15-7pm: Pregnancy Pilates and Hydro class (variety of options available for this class, please click this link for further information on the options available)

Tues@7pm: Beginners Pilates (Adult only)

Tues@8pm: Advanced Pilates

Wed/Thursday am: Baby Massage Maynooth


Provisional dates for upcoming class dates for beginner Pilates classes. Advanced classes are filled from the beginner classes.











Baby Friendly Adult Only Baby Friendly Adult Only Adult Only
Beginners Pilates Beginners Pilates Beginners Pilates Beginners Pilates Beginners Pilates
22/April/18 23/April/18 13/March/18
2/July/18 (2 weeks off in August) 25/May/18