This series of classes finishes on If you want to repeat beginners, class starts on
Mon@11am 23rd March 30th March
Mon@8.30pm 9th March 23rd March
Tues@11.45am 24th March 12th May



24th March

8th April

21st April

No class planned at time time.

If you would like to repeat beginners: Click here to book your space and enter code sent by text to receive your class for 1/2 price, alternatively you can pay cash in class. You should repeat beginners if you are struggling with the homework exercises, if you push your body harder your pain level may increase, or if you are just happy to stay at this level and revise what we have covered.

If you would like to move to the next level: You can move to the next level if you feel you are managing the homework reasonable well, your pain levels are well under control and you are ready to be pushed harder in the faster classes and stretched more in the stretchy classes, next level is 1/2 stretchy, 1/2 fast and tough.

Cost: €120 for 12 classes. Payment is by cash in class on 30/March. Learn new exercises on Monday @9.15pm on 30 March and 6 April. Then move to one of the classes in the box below but if >12 people book, then two additional classes will be held on 24 + 27 April (Monday @9.15pm) before you move into one of the classes below. No classes easter monday week and may bank holiday week. Class 1 + 2 on 30/March + 6/April. Class 3-12 11/May to mid July. Class on Mon@9.15pm on 24 + 27 April or moving to advanced on those two weeks are free to those who have booked and subject to availability. 


Baby Massage/Pilates €50 credit: if eligible you have been sent a link about this.

Collect a loyalty card if staying on, you receive every 4th full price class for 1/2 priceHave availability (may be limited)Currently no availability but this may change.
Baby Friendly. If you attended baby massage you can use your free repeat voucher in this classMonday@10am
Adult onlyTuesday@5.15pm