Remember, that you are not booked into a class until your deposit is paid, spaces are not kept for those who have expressed an interest without paying a deposit as class spaces are limited and I avoid overbooking classes. 

I will call you to arrange payment of your deposit over the phone by credit or credit card. The deposit is €40 and you will receive a text message immediately after the deposit has been processed with confirmation that payment has been processed. If you are unable to claim back any of the cost of the class, then you can avail of a discount of €20 off the cost so the deposit payable is €20.

You will receive a text message with specific information about your class and a google maps link with directions closer to the start date.

Below is general information about your baby massage classes:

**Please contact me in advance if you or your baby has additional needs**

We always start on time so its a good idea to arrive a few minutes to get set-up.

You can feed, change, burp, settle and cuddle your baby at any time during the class. Sometimes you may not get to massage your baby at all due to the form that they are in and thats’ fine, you will still benefit from watching the massage and then learn lots of tips and ideas in the second part of the class.

(1) We start off the class by massaging your baby and this usually takes about 50 minutes, you can join in or sit back as necessary e.g. when your baby needs to feed. We revise everything most weeks, so even if you cannot partake in the entire part of the massage class be assured that we will be revising it the following week.

On week one, I have some housekeeping and massage topics that I need to discuss (20 mins) before we start the massage so you can use this time to do a top up feed etc if need be. Also the balance of €80 is payable in class one. You can pay by cash or card in the Celbridge class, you can pay by cash only in the Maynooth class as there is no card machine in Maynooth

(2) Once the massage part has finished, we sit back and have a cuppa.

(3) Then the discussion part of the class starts and this lasts an hour, a list of the discussion topics are here:

(4) We finish by finalizing who is going for lunch and planning for the following week so don’t forget to pack extra nappies etc if going for lunch.

On week 5 which is our last class, we arrange weekly outings for the following month.

What to pack:

Usual nappy/changing bag with extra nappies, bottles etc if going for lunch after class.

A hand towel or baby blanket to rest baby on during the massage.

Download whatsapp as we will be setting up a chat group during the class,

Cream/oil to massage baby with. Regarding what oil or cream to use, please bring whatever oil or cream you have been using on baby and yourself at home, if your baby has/possibly has eczema, Silcocks base or E45 is recommended.

Please read

Both the baby massage classes and myself are accepting of and encourage all parenting styles provided that they pose no health or safety risk to me, other parents or babies that are attending and that you do not undermine other parents parenting styles.

For several years, I have created a safe, open and non-judgmental space for parents to share information and ideas and also a space for them to feel comfortable to talk about and discuss their concerns.  We usually discuss the pro’s and con’s of several ideas as no one parenting style is perfect for all families. Whether parents decide to breastfeed, bottle feed, pump, use soothers, sleep baby on their tummy, co-sleep, sleep train, move baby to their own room or wean onto solids before the recommended age, all of this is accepted without judgement as every baby and family is unique. There is a zero tolerance policy of parents who choose to disrupt this dynamic by insisting that their idea/style is correct. If you feel strongly about certain things that you feel you must express and maybe force on other parents then my classes may not be for you. Completing the massage programme with me on a 1-2-1 basis or with another instructor may be more appropriate to you and your babies needs so please contact me well in advance to discuss.

It is expected that all babies attending are vaccinated as per HSE guidelines/timing recommendations to protect other parents and babies and myself (as i work with pregnant mum’s and newborn, premature and special needs babies). If your baby becomes sick with a contagious illness, it is advised not to bring them to class, as you may not know if there is another baby in the class with additional needs that may be at risk if they catch that illness. You are welcome to come to the class without the baby if you wish or you can make up the class that you missed in the next Celbridge series at no additional charge. You can also make up a class you missed due to holidays or appointments etc, in Celbridge at no additional charge. Selling and marketing of products or services is not permitted in the classes.