Information below has been gathered over many years from mums who have attended my classes. I cannot recommend any of the people, groups or classes below so please do your research before attending groups or making appointments to see someone.


HSE feeding support classes/groups

You can always be pumping and bottling if uncomfortable breastfeeding initially.

Maynooth 01 6106130 BF group on 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month @10.30

Friday morning

Leixlip 01 6244931 Breastfeeding + 1st time mothers group @2.15 every 3rd Tues Leixlip Library: 016060050
Celbridge 01 6303100 New mothers group @11.45 on 1st + 3rd Tuesday in Celbridge Primary Care Centre

BF group meet in the mill, celbridge 1st Tuesday every month, mother led

Clane 045 986300


BF group 2nd + 4th Thurs of the month @11am (Primary Care Centre).

1st and 3rd Thursday Parish Office

Kilcock 01 6287139     ⃝
Lucan 01 6100020 BF group on 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month @2pm (pirates cove)
Enfield 046 9541185 ⃝Thurs@12noon in Knightsbridge Primary Care, Trim:046-9420800

An informal meetup group in Football club, mother led

Dunboyne 01 8251622 BF group on Mondays@11.30
Kildare 045 522214 With public health nurse, every Monday @11am


Post-natal Mother and Baby check as required with your PHN + GP + Midwife if one in your doctors clinic.

Usually there is a Physio led Postnatal class run in your maternity hospital: usually free to attend

As an in-patient you can attend but may/may not be able to bring your baby with you to the class.

You may also be able to attend after you return home with your baby

Private Health care support

Some private health care insurers provide partial or full cover for a cleaner, midwife or lactation consultant or breastfeeding consultant to come to your home.

Lactation consultant: Some lactation consultants can also assess Tongue tie and cost may be reimbursed by private health care providers.

Tongue and lip Tie specialists, Prices vary greatly, you need someone who is specifically qualified to assess this.

Blackrock clinic:

GP in leinster clinic, Maynooth Dr Nevil Wilson (01) 505 2135

Camden Medical: Dr Alan O’Reilly 01-4536636

Check these breastfeeding groups online for local groups:  


Leixlip/Dublin west group (often advertised on FB if you join their page)

Telephone support available form Breastfeeding coucillers


Meeting in Celbridge/Lucan but location can change monthly


Signup for buddy system online and receive support from another mum who lives locally.

FOBF meet in Castletown house, Celbridge @10.30 on the 3rd Friday of the month

Playzone, Celbridge, 2nd and 4th Monday of the month @10.30  €5.50, tea/coffee included

In Citywest: 1st + 3rd Monday of the month @2pm

Facebook groups:

Breastfeeding mums in Dublin

Breastfeeding mammies in Kildare

Celbridge Mammies meetup

Baby Friendly Cinema

Dundrum/Naas/Swords/Blanchardstown/Lighthouse cinema-Smithfield

Baby Friendly Swimming pool

Cheeverstown pool beside the tallagh exit  01-4905988

Naas pool also have baby swims

Glenroyal have baby swims

Baby Massage:

See to see what instructors in your area. Private Healthcare providers may reimburse some or all the cost so please check with them in advance to see if you or your partner are eligible

Classes vary greatly in duration and what is covered + what age baby can attend from e.g. some classes allow you to attend from birth (incl prem’s) and other classes ask mums to wait until 6weeks or more. For more info on the Maynooth and Celbridge Baby massage classes that Adeline runs click here. Suitable from birth.

Baby/Child Friendly Beginners Pilates class:

Beginners with Adeline in Celbridge on Monday and Tuesday mornings. Advanced with Adeline in Celbridge on Tuesdays@9.30am. Similar to evening classes but Mum can bring baby and feed, wind etc. as appropriate. Older children also welcome. €100 for 8 classes which includes 1-2-1 to review pelvic floor exercises and assess tummy diastasis and band integrity. €50 to repeat or free if you have also done baby massage.

If you attend Pilates and Baby Massage you can repeat either baby massage or beginners Pilates for free

Post-natal physio apt to assess Pelvic Floor, Diastasis Recti, Linea Alba + Posture ideally between 1-8 weeks (based on recent research). Other issues discussed as appropriate. Home appointment may be more appropriate for advising on posture relating to feeding positions etc.

Clinic apt €40, home visit €50 (location dependent).

Paeds First Aid run by Irish Red cross

Click here for further details,

Dietician Talk with Sarah Keogh focusing on birth up to teenagers but there is lots and lots of time for questions.

Click here for further details

Mother and Baby Yoga

Other groups: May not be suitable for babies under 3 months old.


Maynooth Parent and Toddler group: Community space Thursday @9.30

Maynooth multiples group

Leixlip: Parish centre: Toddler group, Mon/Thurs 10-12am 016243673

Kilcock: Muscial group for mums