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Homework after class 1:

Everyone reads Articles #1, #2, #3 and #9 below as it reviews what we covered in class 1.

THEN: Please select once article from below or from other topics at the bottom of the page and give 30 seconds of feedback in next weeks class. There are also some articles that may interest you in the handout.

  1. Hunger cue’s
  2. Important Baby cue’s
  3. Sleep cue’s
  4. Language development
  5. Ways to encourage babies to talk
  6. Why Dads reading to their children is so important
  7. The importance of dads reading to their children
  8. Nursery Rhymes
  9. The 4th Trimester
  10. Seeing things from your baby’s point of view
  11. Can you spoil a baby?
  12. Comebacks if someone says you are spoiling a baby.
  13. Benefits of a Baby Massage
  14. Baby-wearing
  15. Gentle movements

CLASS 2: Tummy and Digestion class:

  1. So what is colic
  2. Soothers
  3. Tongue tie
  4. Overactive let down
  5. Constipation
  6. Breast milk storage
  7. Positions for breast feeding
  8. Increasing breast milk supply
  9. Getting starting with bottle feeding
  10. Why we shouldn’t just those who bottle feed
  11. Things to avoid when bottle feeding
  12. Extended breastfeeding
  13. Weaning from Breastfeeding
  14. Breastfeeding tips
  15. 11 foods to help boost supply
  16. 10 reasons why breastfeeding may be difficult
  17. Breastfeeding and clusterfeeding
  18. Why a baby may need formula
  19. Pumping tips
  20. Bonding with Bottle feeding
  21. How breastfeeding works
  22. Baby Poo (Pictures)
  23. Baby Poo facts
  24. Tips for bottle feeding

CLASS 3: Sleep and naps class:

  1. The reality of sleep and babies
  2. Eastablishing good sleep habits, 2 linkss: 0-3months and 3-6months
  3. Hints to help baby sleep on its back
  4. Sleeping and Reflux
  5. Sleep cues and good habits from 0-3 months
  6. Written for twins but has some very good ideas
  7. 10 tips to help your baby sleep
  8. 27 tips to help baby sleep through the night
  9. Sleep regression
  10. Daylight saving in Spring
  11. Daylight saving in Autumn
  12. Helping daytime sleeps/naps
  13. Naps for baby’s over 4 months
  14. How much sleep does baby need?
  15. Understanding your baby’s sleep
  16. Naps
  17. Table explaining how long and how much sleep + naps your baby should have
  18. co-sleeping
  19. Over stimulation

CLASS 5: Developmental class:

  1. Introduction
  2. Importance of crawling
  3. Child developmental questionnaires
  4. Tummy time
  5. Games to play for tummy time
  6. Products to avoid
  7. Walkers
  8. Physiotherapy information about tummy time
  9. Physiotherapy information about plagiocephaly (Flat head)

Other topics:

  1. How electronic toys may impact on language development
  2. Tips for baby talk
  3. White noise
  4. Book to help baby sleep
  5. Music to help baby sleep
  6. Speech and language development guidelines
  7. Keeping the spark alive
  8. Babies and pain
  9. Teething sings and symptoms
  10. Teething and teeth eruption chart
  11. Amber teething necklaceAmber SOS
  12. 40 ways to soothe an upset baby
  13. 12 tips for witching hour
  14. Why children misbehave when a new baby arrive
  15. Why dads being involved is so important
  16. Indications towards handedness
  17. Travelling (Flying) with baby
  18. Importance of touch
  19. Baby Blues
  20. Dark parenting truths
  21. Milk bank in Enniskillen
  22. When is a good time to have a 2nd baby!
  23. Ideas for spending time together as a couple after baby arrives