Saturday 18/May/2019.

Arrival time 9.10-9.20am. Starts at 9.30am at the latest. Finish time at 12.30pm.

  1. Your space is confirmed, if for any reason you are unable to attend on the morning of the class please send someone else in your place. A refund is not available and it is not possible to attend a class later in the year instead as i have now confirmed numbers and paid for each person attending. BUT you are welcome to send someone else in your place if you cannot attend (even at the last minute).
  2. Please read the online handout before you attend the course as the instructors are happy t answer any questions that you may have on the day. Use password that you received by text to access the handout.
  3. The course is held upstairs in the Pilates room in Celbridge Medical Centre on Main St., Celbridge, opposite the church. Please use the back door to access the building (behind the oil tank) and use either the stairs or the lift to come upstairs,  Directions and parking. 
  4. Parking is provided free of charge, please park in the medical centre carpark and bring the blue and white parking ticket, that you get when opening the carpark barrier, into the class. This ticket will be validated when you register.
  5. As the room that the class is held in is used for several classes during the week, it is requested that you remove outdoor shoes on arrival, car seats can be brought into the room but buggy wheels or similar are left outside, there is a lift available if you need to bring wheels upstairs. There is a mix of gym balls and chairs if you need to sit. All practical work is done in standing.
  6. Please arrive between 9.10-9.20am to register on Saturday morning, to collect your handout and to be placed in your group for the practical component. Registration closes at 9.30, please text if you are running late so that late registration can be facilitated. Adeline: 087-2115150
  7. The course will start @9.30am or earlier if possible, the course finishes at 12.30pm sharp even if we are late starting the class so course will start on time even if people are running late.
  8. A handout is provided for the class so please bring a pen and a notebook to make notes. If you registered as a couple, you will receive 1 handout between 2 people. Access to online handout will close when the course starts as all online info is in your handout.
  9. Babies and older children are welcome but please do not feed toddlers/older children in the Pilates room where first aid takes place. There is an area beside the room if you need to feed an older child and you can still hear the instructors in this area. Bottles are fine and babies can be bottle and breast fed in the room so that you do not miss any part of the class.
  10. There is a changing facility for nappy changes, please do not change any baby or toddler nappies in the room no matter how quickly you can do it.
  11. Please do not bring any hot drinks into the room as there will be babies, some of whom may be crawling in the room and hot drinks in a busy room is a safety hazard.

Note this course does NOT come with certification that you may need if attending this course for work or for CPD. Therefore it is not possible to provide you with a certificate of completion or a certification of attendance as it is geared specifically towards what parents need to treat their own babies/children. If you need to attend a certified course please see this link: