The class is very relaxed and pretty much anything goes regarding how you feed your baby, if baby sleeps in the bed with you, if you use a soother, if others say you are spoiling your baby because you cuddle them too much etc.

I create a safe space to share ideas and hopefully grow your confidence as a parent.

What do I need to bring?

Baby of course and whatever you need from them, nappies, bottles, soother, wipes etc. Unfortunately, I am unable to dispose of soiled nappies.

Please bring a blanket or a towel to rest baby on while you are massage them.

Bring whatever oil or cream you are using at home. If you haven’t been using anything it may be worth using something in the massage class. I don’t make suggestions so use whatever feels right for you and always test on baby in advance. If you have no idea on what to use AND you havent used anything on baby yet, consider using E45 or Silcocks base or vaseline.

Please bring your phone to the class and download whatsapp as we will be setting up a whats app group on week 1.

If you have a baby with any additional needs please let me know, this would include prem babies, babies with severe reflux or other disabilities/limitations. Also if you have any additional needs please let me know.

What format does the class follow?

We usually start off with the massage and that usually takes 40-50 minutes. You can feed, wind and change your baby at anytime during the class. Then we have a cuppa and the discussion part of the class starts. This discussion part is an extra component to most other baby massage classes and we cover communication, tummy issues, sleep and baby development over the first 4 weeks.

The class usually lasts about 1hr 50mins and then we gather your bits and pieces up and mums head off for lunch (so bring extra bottles, nappies etc). Lunch is always organised after the class. We aim to start on time so that mums can plan feeds/naps etc if/when possible around that massage part of the class.

Where are the classes held?

In Celbridge the classes are held in the physio room downstairs in Celbridge Medical Centre. Access the building via the back door from the car park. You can bring wheels if you want but most mums come with just the car-seat. Parking is available free of charge in the medical centre carpark, bring in the blue and white car parking ticket and I will validate it for you. Specific directions will be sent to you by text.

In Maynooth, I run the class at home. As I life in an estate, I will be out to help you park on week 1. Usually Mums bring babies in carseats unless they are walking to the class. The specific address will be sent to you by text with directions and a rainbow spinner will be on the front door so that the house is easy to spot.

How much does the class cost?

The class costs €120/100 per adult attending (deposit payable in advance and balance of €80 payable in full in class 1). This is necessary as I do not over book classes. It is assumed that when you book that you are booking as one adult and one baby so you need to tell me in advance if you are bringing twins (no additional charge for twins if attending with one adult) or if there are 2 adults attending as there is a limit of 8 adults per class. If attending the Maynooth class and wish to pay by card please contact Adeline a few days before the class starts as the card machine is in Celbridge. Emailed receipts are provided should you be able to claim back some/all of the payment. Currently there is no option to attend on a pay and go basis as the BMI (baby massage ireland)  and IAIM do not permit this. If a booking deposit is paid by card in advance it will show on your bank statement as Walshs Pharmacy.

Please text me or email me if you need more info and look forward to getting to know you all in class,