Advanced Payment

€80 for 10 classes
These already attending an advanced class has 1st refusal on upcoming advanced class spaces. The closing date for bookings (with payment) will be advertised well in advance.
After this date those attending the Intermediate/Step-up class can then book their space.
Payment is made directly to Adeline while in your class.
Spaces cannot be reserved without payment.

Loyality Offer:
If you have built up sufficient credits you will be eligible to recieve a 1/2 price class, you will be advised by text and you should still advise Adeline if you wish to continue attending and pay the balance. You can only avail of the offer if you write a review on the website or on facebook.

A receipt for all monies paid will be provided on request. There is an admin charge of €10 per receipt should you require a receipt after the class has finished. There is also an admin charge should you require a list of dates for classes, it is suggested that you write the dates of the classes on the back of your receipt should you require them.