What we cover in the Baby Massage Classes

The first hour of the class is spent learning and revising how to massage your baby.

The second hour of the class is spent discussing the many topics relating to baby. The topics that are discussed are relevant to those attending and further information is provided with handouts that are available online, these topics are in addition to what is suggested that instructors should cover in classes by the IAIM. See below for what is covered in each class.

Each baby massage class lasts almost 2 hours and runs for 5 weeks so the series lasts about 10 hours, therefore the classes are never rushed, after teaching hundreds of parents/caregivers to massage their baby, Adeline feels that this amount of time is necessary to teach parents how to massage your baby and to allow sufficient time to have a cuppa and discuss several topics such as sleep, feeding and wind issues etc that parents suggest that is no necessary for mums. Also if baby needs to be fed or changed during the class there is still plenty of time to join back in to partake in the rest of the class. Please note that class numbers is limited to 8 adults per class.

  Our massage sequence Official IAIM discussion topics Our discussion topics

Most of the topics below will be covered (as applicable to each class) time permitting, anything not done can be discussed in class 5

Week 1 Legs and Feet

Gentle Movements



Review of massage Sequence after massage is finished

Behaviour states handout Behaviour states handout

Oil handout

Suggestions for the older child

Language development

Hunger cue’s   

Sleep cue’s

Baby: music, artist + beat preference

Week 2 Tummy

Special tummy massage


Avoid feeding for 30 mins before Tummy massage


Generally babies don’t like their tummy massaged

Oil handout Tummy issues as applicable in each class

Examples: Winding/dream feed/Colic/ constipation/Breast/bottle/combo feeding, changing to or introducing bottles, soothers etc.

Weaning if age appropriate

+/- Soothers

Week 3 Chest




95% of the massage is finished so the next 2 weeks is mainly revision

Suggestions for the older child handout Sleep cue’s

Sleep at night

Daytime naps

Official or Unofficial co-sleeping

What’s not working now (SIDS)

Plan for future

Week 4 Arms



Gentle movements handout Development: what you do now and how it impacts on writing, running, driving, sports etc

Gentle movements handout

Week 5 Revision

15 min full massage!

General discussion.

Review of class 2/3/4.