Loyalty offer

We just want to say thank you for continuing to attend classes with Adeline so after you accumulate credits you can receive a class for 1/2 price! It works out that every 3rd advanced class series costs €40 for 10 classes instead of €80!

How it works: You receive 1 credit per €10 spent on beginners (not repeat beginners)/step-up/advanced classes. When you get >25 credits your next class is ½ price and then the following class will cost €80 and give you 8 credits. When you receive another 18 credits your next class is ½ price again. After you receive your ½ price offer subsequent classes are charged at the standard rate. When you are eligible to qualify for a class at the loyalty rate, it will be advertised well in advance of paying for your next class. In order to avail of a half price class you must write a review about your Pilates class on the website or on the facebook page.

This offer can be discontinued or amended at any time.
Repeat Beginner discount rates of €60 + €50, Antenatal and Baby Massage classes do not count towards the loyalty offer. Your credits remain on record even if you take a break from attending the classes or join an Ante-Natal Pilates class.

Mary attended beginners in August (to November) and paid €100- 10 credits for her class.
She attended Step-up in November (to February) for 10 weeks: €90- 9 credits.
She attended Advanced in February (to May) for 10 weeks: €80- 8 credits.
Mary now has 10+9+8=27 credits as of end of May and therefore her next class is ½ price (€40).
She continues to attend the Advanced class for 10 weeks in May (to July) but pays €40 instead of €80 and receives 4 credits. Now she has 31 credits (27+4) as of end July.
Her next class in August (to November) will revert to the standard rate of €80 and she will receive 8 credits for this class etc.


UPDATED 17/03/17.