Loyalty offer

We just want to say thank you for continuing to attend classes with Adeline so after you accumulate credits you can receive a class for 1/2 price! It works out that every 4rd advanced class series costs €40 for 10 classes instead of €80!

How it works: You receive 1 credit per €10 spent on a full price beginners (not repeat beginners)/step-up/advanced classes. When you get >25 credits your next class is ½ price and then the following class will cost €80 and give you 8 credits. After you receive your ½ price offer subsequent classes are charged at the standard rate. In order to avail of a half price class you must write a review about your Pilates class on the website or on the facebook page.

This offer can be discontinued or amended at any time.
Repeat Beginner discount rates of €60 + €50, 1/2 price advanced classes, Antenatal and Baby Massage classes do not count towards the loyalty offer. Your must retain the loyalty card and present it when paying for a class in order to get credits added, if you loose your loyalty card then you also loose any credits that you may have accrued as this is the only record of credits.

Mary attended beginners in August (to November) and paid €100- 10 credits for her class.
She attended Step-up in November (to February) for 10 weeks: €90- 9 credits.
She attended Advanced in February (to May) for 10 weeks: €80- 8 credits.
Mary now has 10+9+8=27 credits as of end of May and therefore her next class is ½ price (€40).
She continues to attend the Advanced class for 10 weeks in May (to July) but pays €40 instead of €80. Her credit total remains at 27 as you don’t receive credits for a 1/2 price class.
Her next class in August (to November) will revert to the standard rate of €80 and she will receive 8 credits for this class so her total is 27+8=35 credits.


UPDATED 14/2/18.