Ideally attend the 2 step-up classes Tuesday 11 + 25 April @9pm  Not baby friendly  Total Cost
Then you move to book into one of the following classes.

Some of these classes are fully booked so you are advised to select your preferred class times asap

Start on 8th and 9th May   Take €50 off cost below if using baby massage credit
Monday@5.15pm / 7pm / 8pm / 9pm 10 classes lasting an hour Adults only €90
Tuesday@9.30am 10 classes lasting an hour This class is somewhat baby friendly €90
Tuesday@1.30pm 10 Classes lasting 45 minutes This class is baby friendly €70
Tuesday@ 7pm / 8pm 10 classes lasting an hour Adults only €90

Want to move to the next level              (€90: 2 step-up classes and 8 advanced classes)
€90 for 2 step-up classes and 10  advanced classes or

€70 for 2 step-up classes and 10 Tuesday@1.30 advanced classes.

€40 (or €20) if you have attended baby massage and Pilates and you have not used your free repeat class yet.
If you cannot attend the step up classes, then move into one of the advanced classes above immediately

Want to repeat beginners

€50 or free if you have attended baby massage and Pilates and haven not used your free repeat.

Please book + pay towards the end of this series.

Want to finish up at the end of this series?

Continue to practice the online exercises at home. Other exercises that you can do at home are on your handout.
Link up with Adeline about 2 months after your class finished to get details about the next step-up classes, but those presently attending will always get priority.



*Dates are provisional*

Baby friendly Beginners class Monday@10.30am Baby friendly Beginners class Tuesday@12.30pm Adult only Beginners class Mon@6.15pm Adult only Beginners class Tues@9pm + Tues@9.45pm
This series finishes on 8/May 23/May 24/April 4/April
Next series starts on 15/May 30/May 8/May 9/May