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What now?

–Read the information email that was sent to you after you paid your deposit (from booking hawk)

–Practice the Pelvic floor exercise a few times before you attend for your 1-2-1 apt. Explained below

–Please bring €50 cash to your 1-2-1 appointment, we do not have card facilities.

–You do not need to wear a tracksuit or similar clothes to your 1-2-1 apt.

–Bring your parking ticket with you if you parked in the Pharmacy/Medical centre car park to avail of free parking, the carpark is locked at 6.30pm.

–Appointments starting at or after 6.30pm should avail of street parking. If you arrive for your 1-2-1 appointment and the Medical Centre is closed, please go into Walsh’s Pharmacy next door and one of the staff can let you in.

–If the Pharmacy is also closed, please call or text Adeline (087-2115150) to let her know that you have arrived and she will let you in.

–Appointment lasts 15 minutes so please be on time as appointments run back to back.

Pelvic Floor Exercise

Please practice this exercise a few times before you attend your first class.
Make sure you are sitting comfortably on the toilet and that your tummy is totally relaxed…..Then….
1. While passing water on the loo…..
2. Completely relax your tummy and then
3. Attempt to stop the flow of urine…
4. …….While you are breathing out (blow out).
5. Feel the muscles that are working. These are your pelvic floor muscles.
6. Remember them for your class tonight, as we will be using them again.
NB: Make sure that you completely empty your bladder after doing this exercise. This exercise should be attempted no more than once a month once you have completed your 1-2-1.