What do you do now? Please read all of the info below and then complete the assessment form in #1 below.

  1. Antenatal assessment form. Please complete this form asap so that Adeline can review it in advance of you starting. The pregnant form is at the bottom of the link. Password is maternity.
  2. Please read info about the pool and exercise precautions and contraindications in this link. Feel free to discuss this document with myself, you GP or Hospital Doctor if you wish. Some GP’s would prefer that you discuss attending exercise classes with the Hospital doctor.
  3. Facebook group Please join this group as several topics are discussed that relate to the class. Don’t forget to answer the questions.
  4. You may also like to read this link here.
  5. Adeline will contact you to review all forms, book your pool and land class, confirm your start date, add you to the text list and arrange payment. You will be sent a confirmation email with your specific class details on it once payment is processed. you will receive an email if she doesn’t reach you by phonecall.
  6. Please join strictly private Facebook group that we share birth stories on. Only request to join after you have paid as otherwise your request to join will be rejected. If you don’t answer all the questions, your request will also be rejected as these questions are to protect group members privacy.
  7. Directions and parking.  All classes are held in Celbridge Medical center (Opposite the church, NOT beside Lidl and Tesco). Access via BACK DOOR beside the Oil tank in the Carpark (open late for the pregnant class). The Pool is downstairs, follow the baby massage signs and the land class is upstairs, come straight up the stairs on your left when you come in the back door. There is no problem if you arrive late or need to leave early for either class.
  8. If you are starting on a Land Pilates Class:
    Wear something comfortable but don’t worry if you arrive in your work clothes, shoes are taken off, all equipment is provided but please bring a rolled up bath towel. This class lasts 40 mins, the discussion is either before or after your land class depending on which land class you selected, the discussion lasts 20 mins and there is no charge to attend.
  9. If you are starting on a Pool class:
    Bring a swimsuit or bikini, a towel and INDOOR only flip-flops. Outdoor footwear is not permitted anywhere in the changing rooms or pool area. If you forget your swim gear, I may have spare gear and towels here so still attend. You can also sit in on the discussion that lasts the entire class duration if you do not feel like getting into the pool. You are in the pool for a 25-30 minutes maximum due to the temperature of the water (see pool information). You need to arrive 5-10 minutes before the class starts to get changed and allow 5-10 minutes afterwards to change back into your regular clothes.

Please note that your mobile number will be added to the text list for Antenatal classes and the Postnatal and Baby Massage classes classes after your due date, your details will not be shared with any third parties.

Please note that it is a rolling programme that you are joining, there is no start or finish date for the classes. This means that most of the people in the class with you will have been attending for between a few weeks to a few months, Sometimes this is a little daunting but the classes are run in an informal way so mums2B usually settle in within a few classes. Also there is no problem arriving late to either class so keep coming even if you are going to be a bit late.

You may start on either a pool or a land class depending on which class falls on the week that you are able to start. The classes usually alternate every 2nd week between a pool class and a land class. Due to limited space in the pool class your start date is determined by availability which is determined by Mum’s due date and the information that you submitted on your booking form.

When requested, please practice the following.

Pelvic Floor Exercise

Please practice this exercise a few times before you attend your first class ideally when you have to collect a urine sample.
Make sure you are sitting comfortably on the toilet and that your tummy is totally relaxed…..Then….
1. While passing water on the loo…..
2. Completely relax your tummy and then
3. Attempt to stop the flow of urine…
4. …….While you are breathing out (blow out).
5. Feel the muscles that are working. These are your pelvic floor muscles.
6. Remember them for your class tonight, as we will be using them again.
NB: Make sure that you completely empty your bladder after doing this exercise.
This exercise should be attempted once a month.