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  1. I have been attending Adeline’s Pilates class in celbridge for about 9 years and cannot believe how subtle I have become. If for some reason I cannot attend I notice it in my body. Pilates is also good for balance. I find Adeline very knowledgeable when I put anything out. Being a physio does help.

  2. Pilates with Adeline has been great for my flexibility and core strength. It’s challenging but not agony the next day-she explains everything step by step so it’s easy to follow. Adeline is really great at tailoring some exercises depending on individual weaknesses that you have and she takes time to figure out the best solution for you.
    I would absolutely recommend the Beginners and Advanced classes to anybody looking to tone up, gain flexibility and core strength.

  3. Hi would highly recommend Adeline’s Pilates class. I started with the beginners class and found them excellent. Adeline is great at explaining everything and making sure you are doing them right. Unlike some other classes were I have just been left to my own devices. I have moved on the the advanced classes and find them just as good and really look forward to them every week,

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